30 August 2010

Performance at Wall into pieces

Wall into pieces Saturday 4 September | 8pm – 2am
at Phoenix Brighton
A large scale art event with an amazing line-up of experimental performances and music documented by a team of writers and photographers to create a magazine in real time.
Curated by Boca2Mouth.

I perform 8.30, 9.30, 10.30, 11.30 in the Red Room, 'image in four parts' (work in progress)
The Red Room will be shared between 4 different artists/groups, each showing a short piece at the same time every hour.

My solo can be viewed both as individual parts and a succession of parts.
Possibly a chain of events, of actions and images where traces of what has happened before becomes part of the scene.

The material is new, still in progress and developed this summer at Nightingale Theatre, Brighton.
[thank u lovely nightingale people!]

19 August 2010

Vid from our launch of Fresh from the oven, our event at Coachwerks last month - next one is next week Saturday - 28th Aug!

The launch's involuntary theme of technical melt-down turned into an applauded feature in Tamar's performance, and into a huge element of distress in my own. People seemed to have appreciated what I was doing, but AHhh - the photos which people took of the scene/me through the window, with the cameras mounted to the glass were supposed to be printed out, one by one, reducing the window's cover of photo-paper and gradually revealing what's behind/inside - making a physical transfer of the audience's view (the photo) back to its source (ME!).

Well, the printer died completely after the second print.... and there I was, lost concept and turned into a sort of arty peep-show. All about the flesh as I was covering myself with the (very unprinted) white photo-papers, and in a very bad mood.

Friends tell me to take it as an experience, learn from it - yes what i learned is that I hate making a show which i don't get anything out of apart from stress, and in this case, no, I didn't. I felt objectified and simplified, and contrary to the sort of objectification I would impose on myself as part of the work, this was forced upon me by that one inflexible thing - 'technology'.
Take it to your bosom, make love to it and then get totally stressed out by it when it doesn't work...

10 August 2010

print room @ Fresh from the oven

Performance installation made in response to the enclosed, windowed screenprint studio at Coachwerks during our event Fresh from the oven.

Two small cameras were attached to the glass on the outside of the enclosed space. The window was completely covered with blank photo papers (with a sticky back) from the inside and the performer, wearing a paper dress, was inside on the print table with a printer.

The idea was for the audience to use the cameras to 'view' and capture the performer from the outside of the window, the photos taken would immediately be sent to print on the printer next to the performer. She would gradually remove the blank papers from the window, put them through the printer - printing the audience's 'view' of her - and then cover her body in these prints.

But ... the printer broke after the second print... aaaaaah! Instead I just carried on putting the white stickers on me while people took photos through the glass. Not quite what I expected but people seem to have enjoyed in anyway.... Here are some of the photos.