21 October 2010

Of Photography at Frascati - Weds performance

What can I say... some of the things I have said in the last few days are 'never again wi-fi technology in a live performance', 'enough of this demanding, self-gazing persona' and 'unless I have a revelation in Amsterdam I'm done with this show'.

A quiet revelation perhaps, then, my show last night.
Much was down to the audience being great - good numbers, focused yet pretty relaxed they got the swing of things quite easily and I saw several postshow-glow faces afterwards. That, and receiving some lovely and interesting comments afterwards proves it's all worthwhile...

It is a funny thing, this way of performing - rendering myself passive, blind and open while handing over lots of control / responsibility of the audience's own experience of the show back to themselves. I offer myself up, removing my vision and hence my ability to control - and satisfy - the audience based on 'keeping an eye' and responding to them. All i can do is trust that my setup/framing is strong enough, and that people find the set-up motivating enough to engage with it all. Then over to you, my dears.... thank you everyone who came and took part last night.

Comments and feedback very welcome.

Frascati programme...

Theatre Frascati programme for 'Tender Fall' of which 'Of Photography' is part along with other performances and installations.
Love the venue, and their publicity design too.
It seems to be a dutch (Amsterdam?) thing - graphic design is generally more playful than in the UK. 'Unconventional' seem to be the convention... maybe the brits (me included) have the need for cooool and detached... I like this playfulness.

12 October 2010

Performing 'Of Photography' - Shunt London

Sunday 17 Oct
'Of Photography' at Shunt Bar, 42-44 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UD. Free. Doors open 8pm.

This will be the first public showing of the developed version of 'Of Photography', originally created at the beginning of the year and shown at / co-produced by Plateaux Festival.
The current version is prepared for Theatre Frascati, where it's showing next week as part of a triple bill.

Using technology, my body, paper and choreographed movement, I invite the audience to view and take part in a sensory, maybe slightly unsettling take on Spectatorship, Seeing and 'Visual identity'.
The piece's original concept was a reaction towards excessive photography of performances - or any event with some public 'photo-value'. I wanted to ask what responsibility the photographer, or the consumer of images, may have towards their subject matter.
In this version, I have chiefly kept the concept but shifted the 'everyday' minimalism of the original production to a more distinct visual style, choreography and dramaturgy.
Kindly supported by The Nightingale Theatre.

Performing Of Photography - Frascati Amsterdam

I will show Of Photography as part of a Triple Bill in combination with Corbeau by Myriam Gourfink and Moth by Francesca Grilli at Theater Frascati, Amsterdam.
20 - 21 October 2010

White Night - I'm performing as part of Karavan Ensemble

A Light through the Night.
Saturday 30 October - White Night, Brighton.
The Karavan Ensemble invites you into a nocturnal journey through visual imagery, intimate encounters and absurd realities, inspired by the stories of lights and lamps collected from Hollingdean homes. A site specific live performance & installation artistically directed by Yael Karavan.