23 December 2010

Image in 4 pieces - at Brickbox, Brixton Market

On Thursday 15th Dec I showed a variation of Image in 4 pieces in Brixton, London, invited by Brickbox - an arts hub and cafe bar in a part of Brixton Village market with many creative, small enterprises - Brickbox being one of them. Lovely people, thank you Eleanor and Alex.

More impromptu than anything else, this showing gave me the wonderful recognition of having identified some performance elements which are mine - uniquely mine - which can be stretched, jumbled and remixed within the context of each other and through this find new meanings.
The fluffy paper head/cloud, the paper dress, the paper eye mask, the wearing of the different objects - and latest addition are the helium balloons which I found in the installation I made for the last Fresh from the oven.

The environment seemed challenging - around zero degrees in a semi-outdoor pre-christmas market arcade... but after my initial fret (which lasted till an hour before taking the train to London) the situation turned invigorating - I had not told anyone to come and the cold, openness and roughness of the space took the pressure off to make something very polished and 'perfect' (which i too often get stuck on) and instead I allowed myself to play with what I had brought with me, and with the space.

Looking at the images, I really like the fact that my actions are framed with evening-lit shopfronts. Feels pretty right for the season....

Photography: Alex Dermatis, editing Sara Popowa


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